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Gail Cummings

Executive Coaching


Leadership Speaking

Meet Gail Cummings

A business lawyer turned psychotherapist and executive coach

Helping professionals advance and pivot in their careers
Helping people grow personally and build healthy relationships

Executive Coaching

Gail provides one-on-one customized coaching designed to help individuals reach their professional, business and leadership development goals. Gail partners with you to figure out where you are stuck and to develop strategies to move you forward that access your strengths. She holds you accountable along the way so you can achieve sustainable growth and success.


Gail helps people heal their emotional wounds and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves. Clients routinely appreciate Gail’s warmth, relatability, and how she makes them feel safe and accepted.

Leadership Speaking

Leadership requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and taking action. As a speaker, Gail inspires people to overcome challenges, own their value and take charge. Audience members report gaining insight and practical tips they put into practice. 


“Thank you for everything you have done to help us. We honestly believe we may not have made it to our marriage if it were not for all your guidance and support. Thank you for being so good at what you do!”

Therapy Clients

“I have a job that I love thanks to you. When I first came to see you for coaching, I felt hopeless. I felt that there was a possibility that I would never be happy in any job. Through your unconditional support, I found a job that I enjoy and in which I feel confident. It is the first time in my career I have felt like that. I am forever grateful.”

Coaching Client

“Gail is a dynamic and inspirational speaker with a lively speaking style. She identifies the insecurities in all of us as professionals and helps coach our inner strength. Her style represents the thought process of a highly educated legal professional, the compassion of a consummate and experienced mental health professional and the common sense of an insightful executive coach!”

Speaking Client


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