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Welcoming Challenge

What are you ready to take on?

After returning from a trip to Amsterdam and Israel, I am reminded that people of all cultures all over the world are career changers. During my travels I met:

  • An attorney turned food consultant
  • An actress turned organic farmer
  • A corporate executive turned chef

(Are you noticing a food theme here?)

Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all shared the desire to strike the right balance between their work and personal lives.

While touring in the north of Israel, I hiked to an archaeological site, Hippos-Sussita, to see the sunset over the Sea of Galilee. While there, a friend challenged me to strike my own balance–between two moving ancient columns! Certain I couldn’t do it, I hesitated. Then I remembered what I tell my clients: balance is attainable if you work at it. So I took my own advice and went for the challenge (pictured above).

In 2018, what challenges are you ready to take on?

Please consider reaching out for support in your new endeavors. Let’s take on those challenges together!

I am available for a 15-minute complimentary phone session at 215-260-4881 if you’d like to talk about what you need and how I can be of assistance. If you know of anyone who might need my help, please forward this email to them.

Best wishes for successfully meeting your 2018 challenges!

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