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Where will you begin?

While vacationing at the beach at the end of July in Montauk, NY – familiarly known as “The End” for its location at the very tip of eastern Long Island – I could not help but think about the impending close of summer and feel nostalgic. The End. It seemed that simple.

Then I noticed my dog, who seemed to be as happy as always despite the fact that summer had only a few weeks left. While she doesn’t know anything about seasons, she certainly notices the weather change. And yet transitions don’t seem to shake her. She reminded me; transitions can be positive.

Our evolution into Fall – with cooler weather, turning leaves, chaotic schedules – could be a favorable one and signal new beginnings. Where to begin? I picked up the article I had intended to write three months ago and, with renewed inspiration, I am close to finishing it.

Where will you begin this Fall? Renew a relationship, restart a delayed project, dedicate time for exercise? Start that job search, ask for a promotion, sign on for a next level assignment?

If you need help setting priorities, moving forward or dealing with morale, please contact me at 215-260-4881 for a complimentary 15-minute phone call and we can talk about how I may help you.

I look forward to changing this season with you,

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