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Wisdom from the Past:

“Be Good to Yourself”

My father would have turned 90 years old this month, had he not passed away just about five years ago. A Holocaust survivor who was proud to have been a “partisan”- he fought with the underground resistance movement, thereby saving his own life and many others. An ordinary man living an extraordinary life, the lessons he taught me were steeped in the wisdom of a journey lived deeply and not without pain. In his memory and honor – I share some of my favorites with you here.

  • “Be Good to Yourself” – Treating yourself well – with respect, kindness, compassion – influences the people in your life to treat you similarly.
  • “That’s not an Option” – Failing to achieve what you truly want is never acceptable.  If I asked, “what if I can’t…,” he reminded me that failure was not an option. No choice but to succeed – a terrific motivator for challenging yourself to find a way that gets you to where you want to be.  
  •  “Don’t take No for an Answer” – Everything is negotiable, so while you may not get a yes, you certainly don’t have to settle for a no – look for the middle ground that can meet at least one of your priorities.
  • “If it’s Not One Way, Then it’s Another” – There is not just one way to do it.  Leave yourself open for the possibility that there are many paths to happiness.


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