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Stress Management

A Gold Star Moment

As part of my goal to practice wellness during the work week, I committed to do a short mindfulness exercise. I downloaded a Mindfulness app and began using it for a 10-minute practice three times a week.

Apples and Pumpkins and Squash, Oh My!

We typically mark the seasonal transition with traditions we enjoy, like Halloween trick-or-treating and cheering with the crowd at sporting events. However, since many of our favorite pastimes remain restricted due to the continuing global pandemic, here are some suggestions on what we still can do

Post-Election Blues

It’s over for the candidates, but it’s just beginning for the voters whose candidates lost the Presidential race, not to mention local, state, and Congressional races.

Stress Management

All professionals experience stress at work – it’s part of the package. Meeting deadlines, juggling clients, conferencing with colleagues, checking and returning phone calls and e-mails. Sound familiar? What can you do to manage daily stress? Start simple. I know you have heard this before, however, the following “coping mechanisms” can make a big difference in your day.