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Interactive workshop on negotiating for women and the power of personal style

In honor of #womenshistorymonth, I facilitated an interactive workshop on #negotiating for women and the power of personal style. While the month is coming to a quick close, these tips are important for all of us year round:

1. According to the theory of “enclothed cognition,” the clothing we choose to wear may have an impact on our mood, e.g., if we associate wearing a certain outfit with feeling authentic and confident of our value, it may enhance our sense of power when we are in a negotiation.

2. Be ready to share your “value add” – both quantitative and qualitative – in the negotiation whether you are asking for an increased salary or bonus, plum work assignments or more resources for your team.

3. Consider the ‘timing” and put in your request before the pie is divided up. Remember, organizational resources are finite, whether that be cash, equity or people power.

4. If you don’t ask, you are unlikely to get because management tends to think that if you are quiet you are content.

5. Asking for what you want and need can be anxiety producing – notice your feelings and ask anyway. It’s important to practice since negotiating is similar to developing a muscle. It may also take more than one ask to get what you want.

Thank you to Kin Boutique, Joey Clark and Delise Barron for hosting this event. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared their wisdom with us all. Katayun Jaffari Coleen Hill Rachel Levan Greisana Muhaj Jazz (Maris) Naglee Joy Beller Shore Ava Shore Taylor Sammons Samantha Rothman Courtney Marcellus, MA, LPC #negotiating #valueadd #ifyoudontaskyoudontget


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