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Rethinking the Elevator Pitch and Developing Business

Thank you DRI and Nicole Crossey for inviting Ryan Levan and me to speak on professional introductions and first impressions. Here are some of the takeaways:

1. Be aware when meeting new people that you are making a first impression and that first impressions happen quickly. The research shows that “in less than a second, the time it takes to say ‘hello,’ we make a snap judgment about someone.”*

2. When people first meet you, they will be concerned with whether they can trust you and like you. After they decide that, they will determine whether you are competent enough to do business with.  

3. Elevator pitches are better thought of as professional introductions. They are one way of introducing yourself to new people, especially in a networking or business setting.  

4. The goal of your professional introduction should be to start a conversation and get the other person curious enough about what you offer to continue talking.

5. When crafting your professional introduction, keep in mind that you should be answering the question – “What can you do for me?” That is what you can expect the other person to be wondering when they meet you.  

6. Have fun meeting new people! You never know when someone you meet might eventually have a significant positive impact on your career.

*Kreiman, J., Ph.D., Linguistics; Voice Perception Lab, UCLA School of Medicine #elevatorpitch #businessdevelopment #professionalintroduction #youhadmeathello #firstimpressions


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