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Time Management and Delegation

Want to find more time in your day? Try delegating.

At the recent Women Owned Law Town Hall on time management, the consensus of the 70 female lawyers and professionals was that delegating admin, marketing and some parts of client matters is critical to their practices.

Key to successful delegating is communicating clearly specific needs and expectations to your colleagues and executive or virtual assistants.

Moreover, developing trust with others to do your work is a process that takes time. And it is important to set aside time to meet and review the matters you delegated.

Everyone agreed that the time is well worth it, since ultimately there is tremendous value in freeing yourself up:

1) to do primarily billable client work and

2) to have additional time for personal priorities.

What is your view on delegating?

What helps you delegate efficiently and effectively?

What do you delegate to others? Paige Zandri #Timemanagement #delegating #executiveassistants #womenlawyers #femalelawyers #personaltime


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