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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

The sound of the ocean, the crash of the waves, the bright blue sky and picturesque cotton-ball clouds. I watched the kite soar higher and higher swaying to the right, then the left, in constant motion.

I was on the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina right before the season began and the crowds set in. I was transfixed by this 30″ x 21″ nylon parafoil kite with an 87 inch tail. My concerns seemed to disappear. I was in a “Flow State.”

Many of us do not realize that meditation can be done without sitting on the floor cross-legged. Achieving a Flow State – a cousin of meditation – is a state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity, according to positive psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who adds that Flow can happen anytime a person is deeply engaged in a task, including during learning activities and work-related projects.

The research on Flow shows that the activity can help people feel greater enjoyment, energy and involvement. Research has also shown that meditation is associated with sharpening areas of the brain involved in memory, learning, and emotion.

    • Have you recently experienced the Flow State? What do you do that allows you to completely lose yourself in the moment?
    • Do you meditate? If not, what is your equivalent of kite flying?
    • What gets you out in nature and provides you with fun and space to be creative?

If you want to chat about how to get out of the house/office this summer for more enjoyment, or if you are challenged by stress and anxiety and need guidance, please feel free to reach out. 

I am here to support you, and am simply an email – gail@gailcummings.com or phone call – 215-260-4881 away. If you know of anyone who might benefit from my guidance and coaching, please pass this email along.

Wishing you flow,


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