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Why is the soil red in Arizona?

Why is being in nature so beneficial?

Research shows that being in nature increases positive emotions, including serenity, inspiration, joy, gratitude and hope. Experiencing these positive emotions has been proven to broaden our attention span, increase our creativity, and decrease stress and anxiety.

Why is being in nature so beneficial? According to American biologist and naturalist E.O. Wilson, the answer is that a connection to nature is hardwired into our DNA, leaving us with a biological propensity to feel better in the presence of natural systems. For those of us who don’t enjoy hiking, climbing or running, fear not: “It isn’t about exercising, it’s simply about being in nature,” says Qing Li, M.D., Chair of the Japanese Society for Forest Medicine. This is good news in light of our busy, tightly scheduled days.

Consider the following ways to incorporate being in nature on a daily basis:

  • Find a green spot – even an urban park or street greenery will do – during a break or at lunch time. Or find a red spot, as I did in Sedona, Arizona, where the soil contains hematite – also known as iron oxide or rust – that stains the sandstone a spectacular red.
  • Walk through a park or tree-lined area on your way to work or on your way to pick up lunch or dinner.
  • Dine al fresco – Once you have picked up your meal, eat outside. Or brown bag it with some colleagues at a bench in the park.
  • Conduct a meeting while walking through or sitting in a park.
  • Take yourself and your laptop outdoors.

As we head into Spring, head into nature and soak up the benefits!

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