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All of a Sudden it Seems to Make Sense . . .

A lightbulb moment.

Once upon a time . . . when my legal career was rising and my mood was falling, I knew I was no longer in the right place. I set out to find a new job that would better fit my need for purpose.

After interviewing for three legal positions and coming in second each time, it suddenly occurred to me – lawyering was no longer making sense! The takeaway from being rejected was that it was time to leave the profession. A lightbulb moment to be sure.

I took a leap of faith and went back to school to become a psychotherapist – a dream of mine I had tucked away and thought I had given up. Years later, I added executive coaching and leadership speaking to the mix, and I have never looked back. Changing careers changed my life. And I owe it all to the three great jobs I didn’t get.

What is your lightbulb moment – when all of a sudden it made sense for you?
Are you using your revelation to make a change?
If not, what might be stopping you?

I am grateful for the opportunity to have a second career and to help all the clients, audiences, and others who come my way. As we head into the Thanksgiving season, restricted in our ability to be with friends and family and carry on cherished traditions, I send warm wishes for everyone to remain resilient as this global pandemic continues to challenge us.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay sane,

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