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What’s Your 2024 Game Plan?  Staying the Course

This year my New Year’s resolution is to continue being true to myself and to continue being me – in as authentic a way as possible – and to move forward on the progress of being present that I have made this past year.

Easier said than done!

Game plan? To remain being as kind and patient as I can be to all those who come into my orbit as well as to myself. This last part can be a challenge as I find I am often my harshest critic, expecting things of myself that I would never suggest to a client or friend.
One of the best ways to quiet that critic is to notice when you are criticizing yourself. Pause for a moment and reflect on whether the criticism is too big. Rethink what you are saying and consider being kinder to yourself – tell yourself what it is you want to be doing rather than focusing on what you haven’t done.

• What have you noticed you are saying to yourself?
• Is it positive and forward thinking or negative and paralyzing?
• Are you being harsh with yourself about the professional goals you did not achieve?
What is your 2024 game plan? I would love to hear from you!

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Wishing you a happy and satisfying 2024,


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