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The Key to Successful Negotiating

Clients tell me they know exactly what they want and need. Asking for it is another story.  For many, negotiating/asking brings on waves of anxiety – whether we are in a professional or personal situation.  

Our minds and bodies are accidentally sending us messages that there is a threat, a danger in asking for something – that we will be told no and considered “pushy,” that we will lose a friendship or relationship, or worst case, we will be fired.  

These messages are false alarms! And they serve to sabotage our efforts to get what we want.  

I experience these false alarms when I fly – (I am claustrophobic) – feeling there is a danger of being closed in on the plane. I push through my discomfort knowing I want to get to my destination. I am anxious and I walk on the plane anyway. I don’t let my feelings dictate my behavior.  

The key to successful negotiating is to push through that anxiety and ask anyway. Don’t let the anxiety dictate your behavior.  

Notice and acknowledge your anxiety, step into the room or get on the Zoom call, and ask for what you want and need! You will be happy you did.  

Anyone else experience these “false alarms”? Anyone work on pushing through their anxiety anyway?   Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!   #getontheplane #negotiationtips #ifyoudontaskyoudontget #justdoit


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