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Wellness, Civility and Thriving in the Practice of Law

What an informative and interesting CLE on “Wellness, Civility and Thriving in the Practice of Law.” Thank you Tara D. Phoenix and the Philadelphia Bar Association for sponsoring Kathleen D. Wilkinson, Esq., the Honorable Cheryl Ann Krause, Kristine Calalang and me to speak on the various aspects of lawyer civility, wellness and how we need both to thrive in the practice of law. Here are some of the takeaways:

1. Autonomy has been shown to be a large part of professional satisfaction and well being for lawyers. Taking control can be especially challenging for young lawyers. As such, consider taking on a pro bono matter or a leadership role on a committee of a local bar association, i.e., think Philadelphia Bar Association, as one way to gain some autonomy.

2. Wellbeing is a part of a lawyer’s professional responsibility of competence – check out the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct and the American Bar Association/Report of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.

3. Lawyers tend to take on the stress of their clients’ problems. After all, most of go into the profession so that we can help people. Acknowledge that this can be challenging and find time to release your stress. Consider talking through your stress with colleagues, friends, family or professionals.

4. One great stress-releasing activity is spending time with pets – yours, a neighbor’s or a friend’s. Take a dog for a 15 minute walk. Being outside and moving your body promotes wellness. While you are with your dog, be sure to pet them. This has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

5. Calendar those wellness breaks and keep that appointment with yourself. We would not cancel on our clients so consider treating yourself as a client.

6. While there is much advice on what wellness practices work best, do what you like to do – you will be more likely to follow through on the practice.

7. Have fun – it truly is one of the best wellness practices! #CLE #wellnesstips #coachingforlawyers #civility


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