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A Formula for Success

As we enter this new year, the pandemic is still creating uncertainty in our personal and professional lives. That said, now is the most popular time to set goals and resolutions. In order to set ourselves up for success, we need to be thoughtful about what we want to accomplish.

Research shows that more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail because the expectations we set for ourselves are too ambitious and unrealistic.
Here are a few tactics you can undertake to be successful right now:
  • Take small steps. Rather than committing to a new full-time gym regimen, commit to exercising twice a week. Then increase that incrementally when twice a week becomes a habit that fits and feels good.
  • Adopt one new nutritional idea. Rather than cutting out sweets all together, commit to a smaller portion size and find new food recipes that are healthy and sweet (they do exist).
  • Do the best you can. Rather than strive for perfection, give yourself permission to do your best and be accepting of that new standard.
  • Small wins count. Give yourself credit, rather than notice what you are not doing, and acknowledge the progress you do make however small. Keep a list of accomplishments posted where you can see it everyday. Be proud of yourself for taking on a new challenge, and reward yourself!
  • Have fun! Rather than adopt expectations that focus on deprivation, focus on ways to make achieving your goals fun – exercise with a friend, create a new playlist for work outs, and exchange recipes with others looking for healthier options.

If you need additional guidance or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at gail@gailcummings.com or 215-260-4881. If you know of anyone who might need my help, please pass this email along. I am here to support you, and just an email or a call away.

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