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Wishing you a great start to the New Year!

I hope you have had time this holiday season to recharge, renew and refresh – and get ready for a productive, enthusiastic, and joyful 2023.

It always feels good to start the year by cleaning off your desk, reprioritizing your agenda, and making those projects that have been lying dormant happen. Research shows that having moral support and accountability – and taking one small step at a time – helps us accomplish our goals. Which is where I come in!

Please consider reaching out if:

1.  You are thinking about starting a search for a new position or contemplating a transition to a new career. I can help you strategize, put a plan in place, and be accountable – so your search is practical and successful.

2.  You are challenged by your organization’s politics. I can help you to better navigate relationships with your colleagues and obtain different growth opportunities in your career.

3.  You are working on developing business and need some encouragement. I can advise you on how to cultivate business relationships and make the “ask.”

4.  You are drafting your self-evaluation/compensation memo and need some guidance on how to ask for a raise and/or a promotion. I can offer an expert, objective opinion on the style, substance, and strength of the memo.

5.  You need to get more done in less time than you have. I can help you learn some effective time management techniques, including how to get into the mindset to say “no.”

I am here to support you, and am simply an email or a phone call away. If you need additional guidance or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at gail@gailcummings.com or 215-260-4881. If you know of anyone who might need my help, please pass this email along.

With warm wishes for readiness in 2023,


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